Thebarton Theatre

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Thebbie is probably the most loved medium size venue in Australia, particularly by contemporary music bands. 

With a capacity of 1955, it is used by young bands breaking into the concert circuit, established bands which like the intimacy of the venue rather than the cavernous stadium type venues, and by alternative bands which want to be right in the raw energy which exudes from a pumping dance crowd. 

The list of performers who have played Thebby is most impressive.

Thebby is also a favourite venue for children’s shows such as Bananas in Pyjamas and Hi 5, as well as concerts by visiting Italian, Greek and Vietnamese performers.

The venue can be transformed into a myriad of layouts from the intimate 700 seat lyric mode to ‘in the round’ performances and sporting events such as Wrestling and Kick boxing and Lounge/Balcony section only events such as The Dance Theatre of Pina Bausch.

The theatre is licensed, has kitchen facilities and a number of break-out areas for conferences and seminars.  The old Council Chambers and Lounge in the adjacent and connected ex Thebarton Council offices, are also available for independent hire for corporate entertainment or break-out areas.

Brief History

The Thebarton town hall and assembly hall were built in 1926 and the town hall was a premier venue for many years serving the whole of the Adelaide City with films and theatre performances and Festival of Arts presentations.  In its latter years whilst under council management it was allowed to deteriorate badly.  In 1981 Weslo Holdings Pty. Ltd. tendered for, and won, the lease to take over the management of the theatre and to refurbish it.

All new foyers, toilets, electrics, carpets, seating, administration areas, bars, confectionary and merchandise areas were built.

The work has won plaudits from historical theatre societies and buffs world wide for its heritage sensitive treatment.

…..“There is not to be any way that you can see where the old work (plaster, woodwork etc) finishes and the new starts”…were the absolute directions given to the architects and builders.

Weslo Holdings Pty Ltd is very proud of the fact that, except for the initial loan of $350,000 taken out by the council (the interest on which (and some) was paid by Weslo Holdings Pty Ltd), all other development (over $1.0 million worth) has been undertaken and paid for by the company.  Further upgrades including the beautiful old interior will be undertaken in the near future.